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About Us



We have experienced disaster firsthand and witnessed the destructive power of nature. As smoke and ash rained down on us during a major firestorm in Southern California, we were brutally confronted with the reality that our community was in chaos. With no advance warning and no time to gather items from our home, we were completely unprepared when we became part of the largest evacuation for a fire in American history.

Our stressful experience taught us that ignorance rarely affords second chances, so we dropped the excuses and educated ourselves on all things emergency and disaster preparedness.  We soon discovered that many of the 72-hour emergency kits on the market woefully lacked quality components or required consumers to build their kit from individual items.  We decided to make it easy for those who wanted to be prepared and now offer GrabPak.


We know that emergency preparedness is often overlooked and even intentionally ignored. Nobody wants to dwell on unpleasant scenarios that could disrupt their lives. It's human nature and we get it.  Believe us, we don't enjoy contemplating dire scenarios either, but here’s the thing, someone has to do it. 

We want GrabPak.com to be more than just a shopping experience and encourage all of our guests to use our website, blog and Facebook postings to educate themselves and learn a little bit about emergency preparedness. We will sleep better knowing we have better-prepared our neighbors and fellow Americans if they are ever faced with an emergency situation.  

Please enjoy your visit with us.